Mirror of life

We hope to publish here a series of short 8-minute video documentaries that present 25 Catholic couples in Europe, the Middle East, North and South America. We see them in their ordinary daily struggles.

couplez1We witness the joys and the sorrows, the rewards and upsets as they try to cope with the daily demands of family life. We hear them talk about their relationship to each other, about sexuality, caring for their children, dealing with failure. We meet partners who separate and divorce – and try to rebuild their lives afterwards.

There is no preaching here, no depiction of model families.

couplez2We just witness ordinary Catholics trying to live up to their own dreams and expectations. We hear wives and husbands reveal their deepest anxieties and aspirations. We are witnessing life as it is being lived in the complex reality of our present world.

We will present the series as a course – hoping that it will help wives, husbands, partners reflect on their own situation.

Or, even better, partners could, after each has watched each documentary when convenient, discuss its implications for their own life and relationship.